Drones and Gear

Cinematic Motion flies two different sized heavylift remote-controlled drones that are custom built for the world's best cinema cameras, including the ALEXA Mini and RED CF Weapon, as well as a small arsenal of lighter drones and remote chase cars, capturing perfectly smooth and stable footage right out of the camera.


Freefly Alta 8 Heavylift Drone

The Freefly ALTA 8 is the state of the art. Allowing us to carry some of the the largest cinema payloads on the market. We confidently fly RED, ARRI and other professional cinema cameras with light cinema zoom lenses and FIZ weighing up to 20-pounds (10kg). We can capture cinematic shots like never before with the option to mount the MōVI on top as well as underneath.



Freefly Alta 6 Heavylift Drone

The Freefly ALTA 6 multi-rotor unpacks, ready to shoot, in under five minutes. It is powerful, rigid, adaptable, reliable, and is optimized for up to 15-pound (7kg) payloads. We confidently fly RED, ARRI and other professional cameras with cinema primes on the Alta 6. We can capture cinematic shots like never before with the option to mount the MōVI on top as well as underneath.


DJI Inspire 2 Drone

DJI’s magnesium-aluminum-clad Inspire 2 Quadcopter is a powerful cinematic and photographic tool. Combining the Inspire 2 with the separately available X4S and X5S gimbal cameras yields cinema-grade images, which can be recorded in high bit rates using H.264 and H.265 formats, or, in the case of the X5R, various flavors of Apple ProRes and CinemaDNG raw using the required licenses available from DJI. All the recording functionality is processed by the Inspire 2’s CineCore 2.0 image processing engine.



We can fly just about every light weight lens and camera combination on the market. If it captures stunning content, Cinematic Motion can fly it, safely and confidently.

• Arri Alexa Mini • RED Dragon • RED Weapon • RED Raven
• Sony F55 • Canon C300 • BMCC 4k • Sony A7s
• Panasonic GH4 • DJI X5



Amimon Connex TX RX.png

The ConnexHD is an innovative HD Video Transmission system offering Real Time Wireless HD with unprecedented range of up to 2000 feet and still maintains an incredible zero latency glass-to-glass. With BNC output on the ground we are able to run video directly to Video Village for live viewing and VTR.



At the heart of our heavy lift multicopters are the Freefly MōVI PRO and M5 Aero gimbals - which stabilize the camera in a way that no other stabilizers in that size can do.

The MOVI PRO and M5 are entirely hand-crafted and custom designed 3-axis camera stabilizers.

The MōVI is able to perfectly stabilize cinema cameras without any post-stabilization or the need for wide-angle lenses. Even shooting on a long zoom lens is now possible - allowing for extremely polished, high end footage with shallow depth of field.

Redefine the possibilities of hand-held and aerial camera movement.



The Freefly TERO is a completely new way to move the camera. The system allows for an extremely dynamic low camera angle coupled with full 3-axis control of the MōVI stabilizer to create never-before-seen shots. With our custom Vibration Isolation System on a car as smooth and agile as this, you’ll rethink what is possible from a chase car.