Aerial Drone Cinematography - CASA Approved Drone Team based in Sydney Australia



We are an agile team of Creatives, with over 50 years of film, photography and piloting experience between us.

Pulling from film, live events and action sport backgrounds, we are always looking for the next thrill and documenting our clients’ adventures through the lens has become half the fun.

Action film is our thing and we think we are pretty damn good at it. Made of both ground and aerial moving cameras - we are photographers, cinematographers, content creators, gimbal operators and master drone pilots with exceptional experience and creative artistry. After turning an RC hobby and a passion for cameras into a profession, drone piloting for film and broadcast became a natural progression and fusion of the things we love. Agile and creative flying is our specialty. We go closer, faster and further with more accuracy in the toughest conditions, under pressure and with big grins on our faces.

We love what we do.


Why we do what we do

Driven by passion, CM strives to pursue the unimaginable. By creating a space that explores all possibilities, the team at Cinematic Motion is able to eliminate all technological boundaries that may hinder our clients from fully expressing themselves.


A service like no other

We fuse the latest technology with our award winning aerial artistry, enabling us to replicate complex flight paths, making sure the next take is identical to the last. Agile and precise in the air and fast on set, we have developed unrivalled problem-solving skills, known for our ability to manage our equipment and your time schedule with precision. We keep our equipment performing at its optimum and capture more content in the same amount of time as our competition. Our crew consistently deliver the best shots possible and our clients are always spoilt for choice.

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